Sonntag, 19. Juni 2011

NBS-Excursion Sweden June 2011

speed train
up and away - flyable weather

with Gerhard on Ivö

dragon eggs on Ivö

Encalypta streptocarpa

station Linnè on Öland

alvar behind station Linné

start - participants of the excursion

Christer and Tomas - the organizers

Encalypta obovatifolia

Lunch at Borgholm

windmills at Höghäll

relaxing after a long day

Hunderum sea shore

Seligeria oelandica - searching, finding and taking pictures

Seligeria oelandica
 Per-Olof Nyman
Kell Damsholt

the cliffs of Djupvik

wise counsel
Leptobryum pyriforme

a sundown is a sundown

the gate to the alvar

with a promising outlook for the next day

Alvar Moeckelmossen
Tortella rigens


Entosthodon fascicularis

Schistidium dupretii

golden form of Dicranum scoparium

magic Gordon


full of rubies


David the Explorer
our group

hey Kristian

old Ulmus forest at Västerstad

Kristian and Niklas